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Create your Company Name

Blog: how to create your a good name for your company?

Large or small, every organization has to deal with it: coming up with a catchy name for your company. But how do you that? How do you start? And who do you involve in the process? It seems pretty easy, but there is quite a lot to! We have made a checklist for you.

The search begins with brainstorming. With your colleagues, alone, with your partner … You write some topics on where your company stands for. Then you go brainstorming with eachother. Is this what? Mwah … This then? No … And all of a sudden there will be a name that will make everyone think: that’s it! For our business center in Rotterdam it went just like that. We came up with a number of names. And all of a sudden there was  ZAPP! The idea behind that is: zapping from one office to another. Being flexible.

The name
This should be short and powerful. Sometimes it can even be playful, depending on the branch. The name should say something about your way of working and has to give a person  a good feeling.

Check availability
It is important to check that your company name does not already exist. For example in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, or the Benelux Trademarks register Online. Also important: remember to check if the domain name is still available!

The word ‘office’ was added to ZAPP to display what the company does: rental of office spaces, meeting rooms and flexible  workspots.
It’s good if the name is a little catchy. So you can use rhyme or alliteration in your company name, as in ‘Gouda’s glory’. An advantage is that rhyme often sounds good and is easy to remember.
What’s also common to use is  your own surname or your initials in your company name.

How do you write it?
Also important: is the spelling clear? It would be a shame if potential clients remember the name but  don’t write the right name in Google! At ZAPP office the notation is with 2 P’s. A reference to People & Places. And also you’ll see in the logo that the P’s have a point, that indicate a speaking cloud and a placeholder in Google Maps.

Found a name?
Do you think you have found the right name? Then check with your partner, friends and family what they think. Are they getting the right associations with what your company does and where your company stands for?

Do not wait too long
Try not to wait to long with choosing a company. You need  your company name for a lot of things before you can start with your company. Think of business cards, registration at the Chamber of Commerce and internet business like your own website and professional email address.

Finally: what NOT to do
In this link you’ll find a few nice examples of how you should NOT do it. https://www.sprout.nl/artikel/startup/de-10-beroerdste-startupnamen

Good luck with coming up with the perfect name for your business!

Sylvia den Otter
ZAPP office
Bahialaan 100 | 3065 WC Rotterdam | 010-3330800 | info@zappoffice.nl


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