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Questions about ZAPP office?
Check out our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the most common questions about ZAPP office.

What is the address of ZAPP office?

ZAPP office is located at Bahialaan 100, 3065 WC in Rotterdam. This also ZAPP office headquarters.

How can I get in touch with ZAPP office?

Check out our contact page to contact us.

ZAPP office address is:

Bahialaan 100
3065 WC Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10-3330800
Mail: info@zappoffice.nl
What is the minimum rental period?

For a private office the minimum rental period is one month. A flexible work spot or a
meeting room can already be booked by the hour.
What is included in the rent of an office?

Office Rent includes reception service, 24/7 access with private electronic access card, WiFi throughout the building and a private screened network.
Is it possible to only book a meeting room?

Yes, it is possible to book a meeting room even if you do not rent an office or flex work spot.
Are there discounts when you rent an office for a longer period?

If the offices are rented for a year, we apply pricings that are more attractive than when rented per month.
What are the parking facilities in and around ZAPP office?

Under the premise of ZAPP office we have our own private parking deck, which can be rented with an office. These parking spots can also be booked for visitors. On the Bahialaan and in the adjacent residential area Fascinatio there is plenty of free parking.