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General conditions

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General conditions ZAPP office Rotterdam

Lessor, Zappoffice Business Centers B.V., listed at the Chamber of Commerce register on number 62573705, OB-number NL854871779B01.

Location: Bahialaan 100, 3065 WC Rotterdam. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08.30 AM-18.00 PM.
Contact: info@zappoffice.nl | +31(0)10-3330800.

Reservation of meetingrooms or flex and additional services will only be made after we received the total amount of the costs. The renter has to pay the full amount on account number IBAN NL43RABO0302027114 | BIC RABONL2U for the attention of Zappoffice Business Centers B.V. in Rotterdam at least 10 workdays (Boardroom or Brasserie) or 5 workdays (Gold-Red-Yellow and flex) before renting date. Within 5 days the renter will receive an invoice with V.A.T. mentioned. When the renter resumes to pay or resumes to observe the general conditions, the renter cannot call on availability of the rented room.


Meeting rooms

0-2 working days

3-5 working days

6-10 working days

>11 working days


ZAPP Boardroom

ZAPP Brasserie

Depending on the leased space, you can always cancel your reservation up to 10 days in advance, free of charge, hereafter we are obliged to bring charges. The above table shows the proportion of the costs which may be charged if canceled. If a confirmed booking is canceled within these conditions, the tenant is also responsible for all costs which is ZAPP office due to third parties (eg catering and equipment suppliers).

In advance it is possible to order drinks, lunch, A / V equipment, etc. This can be ordered through the reception or via the online booking module of ZAPP office. When renting the Boardroom, Nespresso coffee, tea and water are included. The use of all supplies and services is subject to its availability. Reservation of supplies and / or services shall be undertaken only after receiving payment of the related expenses. The use of the available resources such as a projector, flipchart, etc. is at your own risk. The tenant is liable for loss of or damage to equipment of ZAPP office.

* This service does not apply to enrollment of individuals in municipal files, only applicable for businesses.

  • From 08:30 AM to 18:00 PM the mailbox can be emptied and packages can be picked up. Storing packages costs € 2.50 per day after the day of receipt. You will be informed by email that a package has arrived.
  • The mailbox service is complemented with the use of a flex work spot for 2 hours per week. Banking of hours per month to 1 full working day is allowed. Unused hours can not be carried over to the next month. By exceeding the included number of hours, we charge the standard rates for the extra hours. The flex work spot must be booked through the reception of ZAPP office.
  • Post should always be able to be deposited in the mailbox. In other words, the mailbox should be emptied at appropriate intervals.
  • In case of loss of the mailbox key € 25, – will be charged.
  • The deposit is payable upon termination period with the final payment.
  • Without permission of ZAPP office no changes may be made to the mailbox.
  • Damage to the mailbox will be passed on to the tenant.
  • ZAPP office has the right to ask for identification or authorization of the person who empties the mailbox or retrieve a parcel.

Duration and termination of the ZAPP office PO Box Service agreement
The duration of the contract is six months. After these six months the agreement is automatically renewed for an indefinite period. This permanent contract can be terminated at any time with a notice period of one calendar month. Notice must be in writing. If this agreement is not respected ZAPP office has the right to terminate it with immediate effect, without any compensation. Shipments received after termination of the contract by ZAPP office, will be sent return to sender.

The rent and charges for previously known additional supplies and services will be charged prior to the relevant period. Additional supplies and services which are not previously known, will be charged monthly afterwards or at the end of the contract. Prior to the commencement date of the lease and hereafter monthly in advance the tenant must deposit the amount due + any deposit transferred to account NL43RABO0302027114 | BIC RABONL2U, in the name of Zappoffice Business Centers B.V. Rotterdam. The tenant will receive within 5 working days after receipt of payment an itemized invoice with VAT. If the tenant is in default in payment or if the client fails to comply with the provisions of this agreement, the lessor reserves the right to refuse service (including denial of access to the leased property). If the deadline is not fixed in advance, the notice period is one calendar month. This agreement shall be automatically renewed for the period specified in the contract. Cancellation must be made in writing or by e-mail instead. ZAPP office has the right to change the rental price once a year. These new rates start every year on the 1st of January. You will be informed no later than the 1st of December in case the rates will change.

The tenant will deliver the leased space (s) at the end of the lease or the end of the use of the lessor in the same condition that the tenant had yielded the space at the beginning of the lease. The tenant requires the prior written commitment by the lessor to change in whole or in part the establishment or form of the leased property, except for changes and additions that can be reversed or removed at the end of the rental contract without penalty. Changes also includes making holes in the walls, floors and walls. Any given as security deposit is also made to the lessor for the fulfillment of the obligation of the tenant under the above. The tenant is forbidden to use the name “ZAPP office” to use with regard to its business or operations.

The tenant must follow the house rules. These rules are attached to the lease. The tenant must not carry out illegal activities related to the use of premises and / or supplies and / or services by ZAPP office. The tenant must not do anything that interferes ZAPP office or other users, a nuisance or irritation and / or loss or damage, including but not limited to the use of and trade in hard and soft drugs and (fire) arms.

The lessor shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by the tenant as a result of failure in the delivery of services until the tenant duly informes the lessor and has given the lessor reasonable time to correct the omission. The tenant accepts responsibility for own equipment and possessions during the presence on the ground and in the building which makes the rented part. The tenant is always responsible for any loss or damage of equipment, goods, inventory and property of the lessor.

The lessor will not make the information of clients available to third parties.

The lessor reserves the right to modify or supplement the terms and conditions at any time.