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Moving with your company

Moving with your company

Do you want to make the step from working from work to renting your own office? Or are you planning to move your business to a different location? Then there are a lot of things to think about. Here are some tips for you for when you have plans to move with your company.

Tip 1: first consider what is important.
What is important for you and your new office? How large should it be, is the presence of a manned reception and meeting spaces handy? Would you like an office in the heart of the city? Or is accessibility and parking more important for you so you will choose an office just outside of the city? Which facilities are desirable? There are sites with office supply like www.flexas.nl or www.SKEPP.nlwhere you can filter into a useful list of possible locations.
Then make a selection from the first three to five options and make an appointment for a viewing. Because only then can you really decide what suits you the best.

Tip 2: take your time.
Because there is a lot involved in the search for a new place, the advice is: start on time with your search. That is more relaxing than when you have less time to make a good decision. Take the time to quietly decide what suits you.
After the viewings and reading the offers the list of options is probably shorter for you. Please bear in mind that there is often a bit negotiable, so if there is something beautiful in between but it does not close all the way in to your budget, then this does not always go directly to the “no” pile. Sometimes there are discounts or is a service offered free of charge.

Tip 3: take a colleague.
Are you working with a small team, please take your colleagues along for a second viewing. That way they can look at what is important for them. And they will also appreciate it when they are involved in the decision.

Tip 4: helpful services.
Businesscenters such as ZAPP office in Rotterdam, often offer pleasant services that can make your work easier. Because there are many things that you have to think about when you have to move, you might not want to spend time searching new furniture. At some offfice providers with many services, such as ZAPP office, you can rent furniture. For example only for the first few months, so that you can first move and settle down! Other services that might be of interest: cleaning, telephony and reception service.

Tip 5: Contract duration.
Whether you’re going to rent an Office for the first time, or  just moving to another office, it’s always an exciting moment. Would you like a yearcontract or not. There are office providers with flexible contract periods. Do you choose to rent for a year, or would you rather start to rent for a few monthst? There are many possibilities. ZAPP office offers you contract for 1 month up to a year.

There are lot of options, look carefully in line with your wishes. Then you will find that nice office or business center that perfectly fits you.

Success, see you soon!

Sylvia den Otter

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