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Plants in your office, a good idea!

Do you already have a plant in your office?
It’s probably not the most sexy subject, but be honest: what do you know about the sentence of having plants in your office, besides the fact that it looks nice?
At ZAPP office in Rotterdam a number of tenants already have plants in their office spaces. In this blog you can read why having plants in your office is such a good idea!

Acoustics and air quality
A plant brings better acoustics in your space, while they absorb sound waves.They also improve the air quality by taking CO2 and turning it into oxygen.

Good for the head
Plants would have a soothing effect, and tranquility in the head gives more space for creativity and productivity, which leads to more satisfaction. A little bit of green on the study makes you feel calm, which also brings better concentration.

Which plants exactly are suitable for offices?
Off course you can choose for a cutting of the Fuchsia. But there are more options. The smell of the Lemon Balm for instance has a positive influence on your mood. Plants like the Saint Bernard’s lily, Scurvy Grass or Philodendron are air purifying and decrease volatile organic matters. These volatile organic matters are bringers of headache, fatigue and loss of concentration. You know, those concentration dips during the day.

Good to know is that these plants don’t need any special treatment. They are easy plants to take care of!

Buying a plant?
O.K, time to visit the gardener! There are even organizations that are willing to deliver your plant at the office, like Greenz in Rotterdam. They also take care of a fresh and nice bouquet on the reception desk every week. Because yes, at ZAPP office we also love flowers and plants!

More information about ZAPP office you can find on site.

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