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Summer subscription

At ZAPP you will easy work during the summer         

The summer holiday is almost here again. The children are looking forward to being free from school for 6 weeks! For self-employed professionals who have their home office this can be less pleasant. The children are at home daily, boyfriends are coming over … “Dad, where’s my swimsuit?” “Mommy can I get an ice cream?” It’s nice, but is doesn’t make it easy to work from home during these weeks.

Come to ZAPP!
There is a possibility to enjoy working in the summer months. Come to ZAPP office! ZAPP office offers a range of flexible options. Rent a private office for a day or a few weeks or choose a fixed rent. Your own private office for one or two months (or more :))! Our waterfront terrace, where there is always a breeze, is  fine place to take a break.

Rent in July and/or August with 50% discount
Many people also go on vacation in July or August and will probably not use their office during these two monthse. Therefore, ZAPP offers fixed office spaces for 1 or 2 persons with 50% discount! This offer is valid for July and August.  A summer subscription for a nice price.

So. … choose to rent an prived fixed office in  July or August, for one or two months at ZAPP and receive 50% off your rental.

-the rent stops automatically on 31 August 2017
-the furniture provides ZAPP office for you
-extend is of course possible against the usual rental price
-and maybe you will get a free ice cream from ZAPP office

For more information about ZAPP, take a look at www.zappoffice.nl. Ask your questions by e-mail or telephone to ZAPP office via info@zappoffice.nl/010-3330800.



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