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The color yellow!

The beautiful color yellow!

Many colors have a certain meaning or association. For example the color yellow. This is the subject of this new blog. What does yellow stand for and what can you say with it?

If you enter ZAPP office in Rotterdam for the first time, the first thing you will notice is : ZAPP = yellow!

Yellow floors; yellow walls; and at the reception even a yellow ceiling! Also in our company logo the color yellow is present. Why that love for yellow?

The colour yellow stands for a lot of beautiful things. In the first place is it for energy, cheerfulness and optimism. It is also the color of the sun! It makes you happy and gives you energy, any hard-working man of woman can use that of course. Not only the building, but also the employees are positively encouraged by this cheerful colour yellow. A good feeling from the moment you set foot inside somewhere, everybody likes that, right?

Yellow is also associated with it’s creativity and open-mindedness. Do you know what suits perfectly with that? Art!

At ZAPP office we regularly  give photographers, painters or other artists a stage to exhibit their work. At this moment we are enjoying  the work of Nathalie Peters (http://www.nathalie-peters.com).

Soon we will change the exhibition with the work of  Nancy Crown. Look at her work on her website:  www.kroonkunst.nl. Are you also interested in showing your work at ZAPP office?  Mail us!

Do you prefer an other color? No problem! You can also rent one of the many neutral-colored offices of ZAPP office.  When you rent your own private office then you decorate it the way you want, in all colors that you like.

Also wondering if the color yellow gives you energy and creativeness while working? Feel free to Flex work in a quiet Office. Or, have your meeting in the Yellow room at ZAPP office. Find out  what effect the color yellow has on you! For more information check out https://www.zappoffice.nl.

Sylvia den Otter
ZAPP office
Bahialaan 100 | 3065 WC Rotterdam | 010-3330800 | info@zappoffice.nl



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