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Tenants @ZAPP

Independent entrepreneurship within an informal network

Whether you’re a starter or an established business, at ZAPP office Rotterdam you will find the perfect location to give your company a boost.

ZAPP office is more than just a prime location. For our tenants we want to be a place like home in Rotterdam that gives both social and economical value. A pleasant working environment where our tenants can connect with eachother and with our employees.

To rent in a business center gives you as a tenant a lot of benefits. Our additional services such as reception of your guests, mail delivery, organizing network receptions and when you want answering the phone, catering and secretarial work. Especially for new and/or small businesses this may be advantageous. The variety of companies within one building can reinforce each other, which has a positive impact on operating results.

ZAPP yourself in an inspiring environment and network. We like to offer inspiration. Because that’s what it’s about; you want to distinguish yourself. Whether you are starting your business or putting your running business even more out there. ZAPP office regularly organizes activities such as presenting our tenants via a company video. Curious?

Some tenants @ ZAPP office:


In ZAPP office prevails a fine creative business atmosphere that we all create.
Our commitment to contact and cooperation is reflected in the building with glass walls, the organization of networking activities and in our open way of communicating.

At the weekdays you can always come over for a tour. And as our colleague Cindy explains: “You should really just come to see if it’s something for you.”